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Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving Your Website

Moving your website to a new host may be smarter than you think.

Here are the major reasons why you should move your site:

Save Money
Rapid changes in the web hosting industry have brought prices down over the past few years.  Chances are prices are much lower than when you first started your website.  If your site was built by a web designer who also hosts websites, chances are you are overpaying to a large degree.  Saving hundreds to thousands of dollars a year is the number one reason you should move your site.

Retain Control
Is your site being held hostage?  Can you make changes to the site without paying someone $50 to $250 an hour?  Is your designer housing your website?  Let us empower you.  We can "break the locks" and set your site free.  

Increase Safety
Is your site hosted on a server in your designers home closet?  Is a small young company hosting your site?  If so, you are playing with fire.  Good hosts have multiple backups and routing options for your site.  Some even have a diesel generator backup system.

Reduce Design Cost
In the design industry, it is cheaper to hire someone to work on your site if they don't host it as well.  Designer's can't compete for your business if you locked yourself into hosting with one designer.  The truth is, a designer should never be a hosting company as well.

Better Features
How do you like your statistics package?  Good hosts have excellent statistical programs to help you make better decisions about your website.  What kind of technical support do you have?  Is someone available to talk about your site 24 hours a day?  How about your control panel - or do you even have one?  If your host is lacking in these areas, there is a better host out there for you, and they are probably cheaper.

Enhanced Email Capabilities
Does your host limit you to a handful of email accounts?  You should be able to have at least 20 different email addresses plus aliases, forwarding and autoresponders.  Many hosts even have webmail, email that you can check online or download onto your computer.  If your host is charging you for email or uses email as an incentive to upgrade your account, you have been warned: email is usually free.

Increased Speed
How fast does your site load?  Is your site ever down?  What kind of connection to the Internet does your host have?  We prefer companies that are part of the Internet backbone and haven't overloaded their servers with too many sites.  Having a fast loading, reliable hosting company is an extremely important part of your online business success.



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