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No Conflict of Interest Web Designers

What do we mean by no conflict of interest?  Well, there is a deep secret among web designers that we would like to expose.  There is no reason why a web designer should be your web host!  In fact, web designers generally make bad web hosts and overcharge on their hosting costs and maintenance fees.

When you hire someone to build your house, do they expect you to keep them on as your house maintenance specialist?  No.  Do they tell you that you must use them as your mortgage lender?  No.  You own the house and you have complete freedom to do your own maintenance, hire whomever you like and choose who your house loan is through.

We are looking for honest web design firms or freelancers.  If you would like to apply for our certification and don't host the websites you design, please contact us so we can begin the process.

Similar to owning a house, you own the work that was done on your website.  Designers were hired to design your site, not host it.  Small business owners will find it cost-effective to hire a designer, host elsewhere, do their own maintenance or hire someone to maintain the site for them.  If a redesign is necessary, hire a web designer that is willing to work on a different server - the truth is that it should make no difference to the web designer where the site resides.

We plan on certifying the web designers that specialize in doing what they were hired for.  Once we have started the program, we recommend you visit this page before you consider hiring any web designer.


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